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We are among those loudspeaker sets providers who base their production on their own acoustic transducers. Taking into consideration the fact that our constructions are coaxial, we can proudly say that we are an inimitable manufacturer on the Polish market.

In the beginning, recognizing the experience of Scandinavian audio market, we enquired for their assist in obtaining crucial components to our project. Soon, however, it became clear that none of them was at the disposal of production of such parts as diaphragms or speaker baskets. It took us several months to find subcontractors who were able to guarantee a repeatability of their production. But for the friend representative of the Chinese audio brand, obtaining many components of high quality would have simply been out of reach. Her knowledge and experience proved to be of a key element in elaborating the technology in the production of our diaphragms, coil material or some other crucial parts of our constructions.

As transducer manufacturers we have a direct influence on their parametres. Thus, we are able to optimize the topology of our crossovers. This closely comprises the price of the final product along with maintaining the high-end sound production.


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